Thursday, 5 March 2009

Thank you note, February 2009

Music, the loud noise of workout equipment, swimwear… this was the environment surrounding the Korpus Gymnasium room where Friday, February 27th, the first session of the first 2009 AIKIDO Seminar took place. Tatamis on the floor, aikido practitioners gathered, the photo of O Sensei in its privileged place and then the arrival of Luc Deweys sensei: everything around suddenly stopped! Or so it seemed, surely for all those present.

The belgian team accompanying Luc Deweys sensei shared with us all their kindliness, companionship, friendship and technical knowledge on a training session fulfilling a long-felt need among us and that was extended on a second session the following Sunday at ESMAE. This was the spirit that left no one indifferent and in all made a difference. The huge and general enthusiasm and an even greater will to continue practicing aikido was definitely noticed.

This seminar was marked by the relevance, often underestimated, of the most basic techniques, which are exactly those requiring great mastery to work with movement manipulation and without the use of force, just like this martial art proclaims.

The enormous sensitivity of sensei Luc Deweys, with his usual combination of gracefulness and firmness, fascinate the ones seeing and listening to him practice aikido disseminating great vitality to those lucky enough to “feel” him as seminar instructor. Sensei Luc is the proof that formality and rigidness do not distinguish a master, but his flexibility and open-mindedness.

This seminar showed that any place can become a dojo as long as the martial spirit rules the practitioners and that their master is a source of inspiration and respect.

APARN would like to express gratitude and pride for being part of such a special group and for the possibility granted to our associates of sharing unique moments with the belgian team that travelled to Portugal: Dimitri, Abdellah, Manu, Hassan and Marco, unmatched human beings and extraordinary aikido practitioners…


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