Wednesday, 15 August 2007

There is but one Aikido!

We have made a huge effort to grow with strong credibility and solid foundations, but the only way to assess ourselves is through the participation of aikido practitioners. Therefore it was with great pleasure the we welcomed practitioners from other associations. We speak of Francisco Queiroga, José Alberto e José Manuel Silva, to whom we thank the availability and friendship expressed hoping to see them again sometime soon. Aikido, far from the different schools and styles, is but one...the one from O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba. We therefore believe we follow the desires of our Master by gathering such diverse intelects in our aikido sessions.

Thanks and apologies

It wouldn’t be fair to mention the Lamego seminar without referring to the person responsible by its organization. We speak of Camilo Carneiro that deserves all recognition and respect for his effort in making everyone feel “at home”.
However blameless, he had to deal with a few vexing situations that occurred due to the lack of civility and/or maturity of some karate athlets also present at the sports complex. After acknowledging such disrespectful behaviour, those accountable for the Shotokan Karate attendants promptly took the responsibility for the incident reprehending all involved and warning them of the consequences of such acts.
Nevertheless, APARN would like to present its most sincere apologies to Luis Miguel Costa for the situation he was a victim of.

Snapshots – Part 1

The APARN activities calendar for this season ended on high note with the Lamego seminar last July. Here are a few pictures we believe are representative of the spirit lived during the event.

Snapshots – Part 2

Snapshots – Part 3