Saturday, 2 February 2008

Postponement - Technical Meeting February 2nd 2008

February 2nd 2008

[Yin Yang and the power of Aikido
Rogério Silva Sensei, 3rd Dan
Saturday, January 26th 2008]

APARN is organising a cycle of thematic technical meetings. The Technical Commission conducting the meetings has, for that purpose, challenged the higher graduates to present a theme at every occasion.
A theme will be assigned to each graduate, who will take the responsibility of conducting the session. The goal of such activities is to develop the educational and technical abilities of each graduate with a research intended to be true to the principles of Aikido according to its founder.

On February 2nd it is up to Rogério Silva Sensei to open the cycle at the GIMNOBRAGA, in Braga.
All necessary information will soon be posted.

GIMNOBRAGA: Rua Campo das Parretas, 29. 4700 - Braga